1. Using our site

(1) This website [] (hereafter, "our site") is managed and maintained by TOPRANK Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "we, our").
(2)  It is assumed that the user agrees to these terms when using our site.
(3) We may change these terms without any prior notice at our own discretion.

2.Prohibited Actions

(1) The following actions are prohibited when using our site:
  • ① Violating or attempting to violate our privacy or the privacy of other users of our site.
  • ② Abusing this site to slander or threaten us or other users.
  • ③ Causing or attempting to cause a disadvantage or harm to us or other users.
  • ④ Damaging our credibility or the credibility of this website.
  • ⑤ Using this site for business purposes or to make a profit.
  • ⑥ Violating public decency.
  • ⑦ Registering and posting fabricated data.
  • ⑧ Impersonating others and registering data.
  • ⑨ Crime, criminal purposes or attempts thereof.
  • ⑩ Using or providing computer viruses or other harmful programs.
  • ⑪ Hindering normal use of our website.
  • ⑫ Using our logos or emblems without our express permission.
  • ⑬ Reusing photos, images, text, or sounds etc. from this website without our express permission on other websites or print publications.
  • ⑭ Performing or attempting to perform illegal activities.
(2) If we discover that a user is performing any of the above prohibited actions, we will completely delete their account without prior notification. However, we do not take responsibility for constant monitoring of our site.


 (1) We take particular care to only post correct and accurate data to this website. However, we do not accept responsibility for incorrect content.
 (2)  We do not take responsibility for any damages that arise from the use of our website.


The data and copyright of images, videos, texts, sounds, etc. on our website are our own property or the property of others who have approved use on this website.
Therefore, use of these media on other websites or printed publications, etc., is expressly prohibited.


All names, logos, trademarks, service marks, certification marks, etc. that appear on our website are licensed and used with permission from the appropriate authorities.
For this reason, we do not sanction the use of these items by users.

6.Links to Our Site

We do not check links from our site to websites managed by third-parties.
Furthermore, we do not accept responsibility for any damages etc. caused to users from content on third-party websites.

7.Establishing Links to Our Site

Persons who desire a link on our site should contact the TOPRANK Co., Ltd. Administrative Division.
However, we generally do not link to websites managed and maintained by private persons.

8. Cookies

Cookies are data saved onto users' computers and other devices from website owners through web browsers. Cookies can save information about the users who visit a site and the pages that they view. Our site uses cookies for the following reasons:

  • ① Managing sessions
  • ② Customizing for users' personal preferences.
  • ③ Providing advertising and other information tailored to users' needs

Furthermore, depending on the browser used, cookies can be turned off in advance. For details on how to change the settings on your browser, please contact the program provider.

9.Governing Law and Judicial Jurisdiction

Use of this website is subject to the laws and regulations of Japan.
The Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall have jurisdiction over all disputes in connection with the website.