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The combination of our 5 Business Areas is how we make Total Car Life Support a reality.

We are active in the 5 areas of Trading, Service, Human Resources, Logistics, and Media and create synergy within the automobile industry.

TOPRANK T-frameTOPRANK's 5 Business Areas

Building on our experience, techniques, and quality service from Japan, TOPRANK is expanding total car service both domestically and internationally.
The structure of our businesses is shown through the T-frame.
Our T-frame is composed of our 5 Business Areas.

・ We take care of the needs of our customers both in Japan and around the world through our car sales.
・ Offering inspections, Repairs, Bodywork and Paint, Insurance, and Rentals for a safe and comfortable Car Life
■Human Resource
・ Providing reliable vehicle and parts
・ Training automotive professionals and working to energize the workforce of the auto industry
・ Spreading the excitement of Car Life

By promoting our 5 business areas, we are taking Total Car Life Support to more customers around the world.

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The backbone of TOPRANK. Our sharp eyes and broad network allow us to find the car that is a perfect fit for the needs of our customers anywhere in the world. We deliver the vehicle our customers need in the optimal condition.  

  • Domestic Sales (Used / New / Parts)

    Domestic Sales (Used / New / Parts)

    Providing premium selection imported vehicles Apart from unreleased European and North American models, we also specialize in the import of aftermarket parts.

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  • Overseas Sales (Used / New / Parts)

    Overseas Sales (Used / New / Parts)

    Exporting to over 2,000 a month to more than 40 different countries We have locations in 4 overseas locations and coordinate with our partners around the world.

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  • Pre-Owned Trade-Ins

    Pre-Owned Trade-Ins

    In addition to direct sales to customers, we also have a deep understanding of the international market and can, therefore, offer more for your trade-in.

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At TOPRANK, all of our vehicles are inspected by nationally certified mechanics to ensure that they comply with safety standards. As automobile professionals, we always aim for excellence and provide a wide variety of services including auto insurance to support customers' complete Care Life needs.

  • Inspections / Repairs

    Apart from repairs, our nationally accredited maintenance team also performs services such as replacement of imported engines and transmissions.

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  • Detailing

    Trained craftsmen take care of anything from body coating application to repairing wheels and leather seats. Let us take care of your mods and customizations.

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  • Paint / Metalwork

    Be it a small scratch or full-scale accident repair, the paint and metalwork team at our modern facility handles all paint jobs or insurance claims for both domestic models and imports.

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Human Resource

Japan is known around the world for its proven technology and attention to detail. However, at the heart of that quality are the [people] who make it possible.
We realize that our employees are one of our greatest assets and currently hire and train individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to make a lasting contribution to international automobile society.

  • Education / Training

    Providing both domestic and international employees numerous opportunities to learn about Japanese quality as well as outstanding morals and apply their knowledge both in Japan and abroad.

  • International Trainees / Study Abroad Support

    We introduce promising international students and technical trainees to auto companies looking to increase their international workforce. After completing their practical training, they go become a productive force in the economic development of their home countries through their own automotive businesses.

  • Matching Service for the Automobile Industry

    We offer support for individuals looking to take the next step in their automotive career to meet companies seeking to hire outstanding professionals. Thanks to our industry specialization, we are able to handle the smallest details.

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With the help of our large network of domestic connections, we make even the most detailed transports possible. For overseas shipping, we negotiate and cooperate with booking agents, shipping companies, airlines, in-land transporters, and shipping yards for various shipping options for our customers such as RO-RO, containers, and air freight.

  • Inland Transport / Vanning

    Besides towing, we also demolish vehicles at our facility and van the parts ourselves. Therefore, we are able to deliver parts to our customers quickly and efficiently

  • Export

    Organization of shipping by air and sea to meet international demands.

  • Documents

    We produce and handle all of the required documents and paperwork for export. We take particular care when making and handling documents to make sure exports proceed smoothly.


Having a car is full of fun and excitement. In order to share that feeling with others, we take advantage of various media to spread the word about the newest technology and car trends. In addition to digital media, we also make use of motor shows and real media to excite others about car life.

  • Media

    We show off the excitement of Car Life using a fusion of digital and real media such as owned media, social networks, print media, as well as planning and managing motor events just to name a few.

  • PR / Promotion

    Making full use of the knowhow we have amassed both at home and abroad, we utilize our knowhow and relations to not only increase brand awareness in Japan, but are also expanding to plan and execute promotions abroad.

  • Web Design / System Development

    Along with homepage and EC site development, we offer customers our knowhow for system planning and construction.

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